Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of common questions from our users

Can I get invoice information through the API?

You can query the API for invoice information a few different ways






Invoice query documentation

How to know if LTL or UPS-able?

The "NoUps" flag on the part object

You can ping the specific part and in the object returned, there is a flag for "NoUps". This will be 0 or 1. 0 means it can be sent LTL or UPS, 1 means it can only be sent LTL.

Part query documentation

Which value should I use for the price?

/v1/price/{part#} will return your dealer pricing for a part or group of parts

/v1/price/{part#}?quantity={amount} will return the price for quantity desired

/v1/price/{part#}?zipCode={zip} will return the price info for the nearest warehouse

/v1/price/{part#}?warehouseId={warehouseId} will return the price info for that specific warehouse

How does your bracketed pricing logic work?

There are savings on certain products for ordering in bulk.

To see the pricing of a specific part and quantity, query price of a part with quantity as a parameter.

Price query documentation

How to know what warehouse order will be shipped out of?

When placing an order through the API, a Warehouse object will be included in the order response containing detailed information about the warehouse your order will ship from.

Generally, the product is shipped from the closest warehouse. But stock varies from warehouse to warehouse, and may ship from elsewhere. To check the stock at any given warehouse refer to the Inventory documentation.

How to calculate shipping?

At this time we have no method for calculating shipping costs via the API.

However, many customers use an online UPS shipping calculator. The DC, or warehouse, your product will be shipped from will be necessary to get an accurate shipping estimate.

How to calculate tax?

Tax Rate is returned as part of the Order object

Tax Rate is returned as a percentage when an order is placed through the api, this percentage can be used to calculate the specific amount of tax owed.

Why can't I see more than 100 of an item in stock?

Displayed stock is capped at 100. Actual stock can, and often is, much higher.

For internal purposes, our stock amount displayed is capped. Orders can still be placed for higher amounts, but if a more accurate stock count is required by your application, please reach out to us.